The Mud, Sweat and Beers


Crossfit - 11/04/14

Work up to 3RM thruster - 50kg PB!
Also managed a new 1RM in the process - 60kg PB!

Fran (6 minute time cap):
Thrusters @ 42.5kg (scaled to 30kg)
Pull ups

(Completed 6 pull ups into second set)

Rest whilst partner does their Fran, then:

Helen (12 minute time cap):
3 rounds:
400m run
21 kettlebell swings @21kg (scaled to 16kg)
12 pull ups

(Completed 3 reps of final set of kettlebell swings)

Amazing but horrible workout. Really really pleased with the two PBs in the thrusters, and after this the 30kg thruster in Fran felt ridiculously light, however it’s a burning workout, with no time to rest, so they got tiring very quickly. Doing this almost immediately into Helen was nothing short of sadism. I didn’t finish either workout, nor did I Rx them, but I have definitely improved at both since the last time I tried.

Crossfit - 10/04/14

10x2 on the minute - hang snatch - 30kg

15 minute AMRAP
10 power snatch @ 30kg
200m run

Completed 6 rounds

Kipping pull up - 5,4,4

All good fun, pleased with my snatch at 30kg now, even from hang it feels comfortable. I’m positive that my 1RM is now way beyond where it was last time I tested, which was 37.5kg.

Pull up practice is still going well, I’m aiming for 3 max effort sets per session, unless there happens to be a lot of pull ups already in the workout.

Crossfit - 09/04/14

Warm Up: 
400m run
10 air squats
10 double unders
10 front squat @ 20kg
20 double unders
200m run

3x5 squat @ 72.5kg

4 minute max power clean and jerk @ 60kg (I scaled to 45kg) - 15 reps
4 minute double unders - 106 reps
4 minute burpees - 51 reps

Skill Practice:
3 sets max kipping pull ups - 4,4,4

Pretty annoyed at myself on the strength section. I did this at 72.5kg and then realised just after finishing my last set that I should have been on 75kg as I did 72.5 last week. Didn’t feel as strong this week and really struggled to keep my chest up. I also felt a twinge in my left knee during the warm up sets. I really hope that isn’t something that’s going to bite me.

Pleased enough with the WOD. I needed to scale the weight, but 45kg wasn’t too much of a struggle, and probably could have done this a little heavier. However 15 reps in 4 minutes is quite a slow pace.

Double unders were going well, I set myself a 100 rep target in the 4 minutes, and just made it.

Burpees were just beyond the target of 50 reps I set myself. These were slow as the double unders really took the wind out of me, but they were steady.

I managed to get a short amount of time to get some kipping pull up practice in too. 3 sets of 4 reps, which I was reasonably happy with, I hope to add to this each time I do them.

Apr 8

Crossfit - 07/04/14

Warm Up:
Junkyard dog with full squat
High hang clean with pipe

1RM Power Clean - 62.5kg - PB!!!

Deadlift @ 100kg (Level 1 - 70kg)
Handstand push up (Level 1 - pike push up)

Completed level 1 in 5:23

I really needed this session after a particularly upsetting day, and I was rewarded with a NEW PB! Chuffed. I attempted 65kg but failed, but I think that with another couple of attempts I’d get it.

The WOD is a favourite of mine, however as that amount of reps at 100kg is too heavy for me I had to scale completely to level 1 and lose the handstand push ups. Fair enough though, you need to earn the ability to Rx. 70kg felt really light actually, so I think I’m making improvements there. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to attempt this WOD as prescribed.

Apr 4

Crossfit - 04/04/14

Warm Up: 
2 minutes double unders

3x8 of the following complex:

Romanian deadlift
barbell row
hang power clean
push press
overhead squat

First round was at 20kg, the second two at 25kg

4 rounds, 30s on, 30s off
Thrusters @ 40kg (5, 5, 4, 4)
reverse grip barbell row (8, 10, 12, 12)
sit ups (15, 14, 14, 14)

Let me tell you now, that complex above is killer. 8 reps without putting the bar down was tough, even with an empty bar!!!

The WOD was again great! 3 times in a row I’ve Rx’d WODs. Well chuffed. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have done this at 40kg, but doing 14.5 last week at 45kg for thrusters gave me a new confidence, and 40kg felt really good today. I still couldn’t do them with any real speed, but they were all good, solid reps for each round.

It’s been a good week for training. Stuck to my plan of 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off too. Tomorrow is a rest day, in terms of the gym, however this blog with hopefully fill up with brewing and gardening posts from that rest day. :)

Apr 4
Bottling of “Daximus Galaximus” finally complete. Tastes amazing already.

Bottling of “Daximus Galaximus” finally complete. Tastes amazing already.

Apr 4

Crossfit - 03/04/14 - Birthday workout

Warm Up:
100m rowling (get as close to 100m as possible, for every 1m over or under 1 burpee)
5 pull ups
30s nose to wall handstand hold

5x3 front squat, adding 2.5kg from previous weight - 65kg

Each even minute perform pull ups
Each odd minute perform handstand push ups
Minute 1 = 1 pull up
Minute 2 = 2 handstand pushups
Minute 3 = 3 pull ups
Minute 4 = 4 handstand push ups

Once you fail to complete the allocated reps in your minute drop to 3 reps per minute and continue until every is out.

I failed after 6 handstand push ups of the 12th round.

Front squat felt strong again today, increased weight without it seeming much more difficult. Chest is staying upright, everything feeling tighter.

The WOD was amazing!! So much fun, and more importantly, kipping pull ups just clicked!!!! I don’t know why, but suddenly the kipping motion just got in my head, and I was able to do over 5 reps without breaking, with relative ease. I only dropped off the bar to save my grip for the coming rounds. I am totally pleased as punch with this!!!! I need to keep on top of this, and do maybe a set of 10 each session, just to drill the technique into my head permanently so I don’t lose it again. I’m literally so excited for pull ups right now.

Apr 4

Crossfit - 02/04/14

8x2 on the minute snatch @ 75% - 30kg

15 minute AMRAP
1 power snatch @ 75%
10 double unders
2 power snatch
20 double unders
3 power snatch
30 double unders
…and so on…

I reached 7 power snatch and 59 double unders

Just a quick write up, as I haven’t logged the last 3 days workouts yet, and so a lot of catching up to do.

The lift section felt good today, nice and strong. The weight is still relatively light, but the important thing is that it’s starting to feel light to me too, and every rep was a full snatch without anything close to a failure.

The WOD was good, and tough too. It was very easy to begin with, but the double unders quickly started to add up, and doing them under fatigue started to get really tough. Pleased that I could Rx this though, and was happy with how far I got.

Crossfit - 31/03/14

Warm Up:
5 lunges each leg
10 wall balls @ 7kg
10 kipping pull ups
10 kettlebell swings @ 16kg

10x2 back squat @ 75% - 67.5kg (Actually did 70kg)

3 x 4minute AMRAP, 1 minute rest between rounds
6 chest-to-bar pull ups (scale - normal pull ups)
12 kettlebell swings @ 32kg (scale 24kg)
18 abmat situps

5 rounds complete

Squats felt strong today. We only had time to complete 9 rounds, but they all felt good with good technique. Pretty pleased with that as I actually went higher than the prescribed 75%.

The WOD was a real burner. I tried to make sure I chained at least two pull ups together each time before resetting, and managed this with only a couple where I lost rhythm. 24kg kettlebell felt damn heavy!!!

Olympic Lifting - 30/03/14

Warm Up:
400m row
3x5 front squat @ 20kg - hold bottom of last squat in each set for 20 seconds.

5x2 clean @ 80% - 47.5kg
5x2 jerk @ 80% - 50kg

All went well today, technique felt good for the most part and was feeling strong. The first 3 sets of the clean felt pretty easy, so I did one set at 50kg, and another at 52.5kg, which also felt really good.

I wasn’t sure of my 1RM at jerk, so I built the weight up starting at 30kg, onto 40kg, 45kg, and then settling at 50kg. Turns out that was correct as my last 1RM was 60kg, although I think I could smash that now. Technique felt ok on this too. I need to make sure my knees go outwards in the dip-drive, and push my head forward more in the catch. Feet felt good and solid.

I also practiced the release phase of the overhead lifts. Usually I lower the bar back down to my shoulders, which saps so much energy. Ideally I should drop the bar in a controlled manner, catching it on my shoulders. It feels quite alien and scary, but I managed to do this successfully at 30kg, and I’ll keep trying when doing any press/jerk work until I get confidence to do this at higher weights.